5. Stimulating Development Oriented Research

Theme 5: Stimulating Development Oriented Research

The objective of this theme is to develop a research culture in universities. The focus will be on applied, development oriented research Projects, mainly from the priority disciplines. However, research Projects from other disciplines, if clearly development oriented, will also be eligible for resources. Both group research Projects and individual research will be supported. The group Projects could include research activities by teams drawn from a single university, or teams drawn from more than one university. Collaboration on research Projects with overseas researchers would also be encouraged. The Kabul based universities would be expected to undertake research Projects focused on national development. The universities in the provincial towns could also undertake national research, but would also act as research hubs for the development of their provinces. The research culture to be developed will be results-focused and based on competition. This is consistent with the principle that research activities are more productive if they are based on incentives and are demand-driven, rather than supply-driven.

  1. Research Awardees 2016
  2. Research Awardees 2017
  3. Guideline for Preparation and Selection of Group and Individual Research Projects
  4. Format for Research Proposals