Success Stories



“The well-equipped ICT center helps SREU to promote and institutionalize the culture of using Information Technology facilities and services at the university level.” 

IQUA at Parwan University

“For the first time in our University’s 15 year history, our academic staff have proactively contributed into societal affairs,” said Mr.Sayed Mobin Hashimi, vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Scholarships for Public University Lecturers


“HEDP fully funded my two-year master’s degree program in Malaysia, an experience that I would dub as ‘life transformational’.” These are the words of Mr. Jawed Qaderi, one of the hundreds…

Outcome Based Education & Student Centered Learning


Since late 2015, OMST managed to train more than 2300 full time academic staff across all public universities and higher education institutes and at a few private higher education institutes.

HEDP Responds to a Growing Need for Child Care Centers at Public Universities 

“By establishing the child care center, it is as HEDP has provided my 18-month daughter a second comfy home.” says Abrin Sattari, a Lecturer at English Department of Language and Literature faculty of the University.