Strengthening Government

Strategic Institutional Development Plans (SIDPs)

Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) through the Higher Education Development Program (HEDP) have urged universities to prepare strategic development plans and implement these strategies which help universities to have a clear long term vision, gain autonomy and be accountable. Universities are required to prepare and implement the strategic institutional development plans aimed at progressively increasing the quality and relevance of their degree programs, research outputs and community services, and utilizing feedback from external and internal quality assurance reviews. SPs have to be consistent with the NHESP-II and present a realistic and sustainable financial framework. In parallel, universities will also develop Annual Progress Reports (APRs) which will take stock of progress towards achieving SP targets. The following universities have prepared their SIDPs so far:

No.Name of the university/InstituteTypeProvince
1Kabul Polytechnic UniversityPublicKabul
2Kandahar UniversityPublicKandahar
3Afghanistan National Agriculture Science and Technology UniversityPublicKandahar
4Herat UniversityPublicHerat
5Nangarhar UniversityPublicNangarhar
6Balkh UniversityPublicBalkh
7Sheikh Zayed UniversityPublicKhost
8Helmand UniversityPublicHelmand
9Takhar UniversityPublicTakhar
10Badakhshan UnviersityPublicBadakhshan
11Jawzjan UniversityPublicJawzjan
12Albironi UniversityPublicKapisa
13Kunduz UniversityPublicKunduz
14Bamyan UniversityPublicBamyan
15Paktia UniversityPublicPaktia
16Sayed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani UniversityPublicKunar
17Kardan UniversityPrivateKabul
18American University of AfghanistanPrivateKabul
19Hewad UniversityPrivateKabul
20Bakhtar UniversityPrivateKabul
21Dunya UniversityPrivateKabul
22Khatam-un-Nabieen UniversityPrivateKabul
23Cheragh UniversityPrivateKabul
24Ghalib University (Kabul Branch)PrivateKabul
25Salam UniversityPrivateKabul
26Kateb UniversityPrivateKabul
28Maihan UniversityPrivateKabul
29Rana UniversityPrivateKabul
30Rahnaward UniversityPrivate Balkh
31Payam Higher Education InstitutePrivateKabul
32Afghan-Swiss Higher Education InstitutePrivate Kabul
33Hariwa UniversityPrivate Herat
34Ghalib University (Herat Branch)Private Herat
35Muslim Higher Education InstitutePrivate Ghazni
36Dawat UniversityPrivate Kabul
37Fanoos Higher Education InstitutePrivateKabul
38Aryana Higher Education InstitutePrivateKabul
39Razi Higher Education InstitutePrivateKabul
40Tabish UniversityPrivateKabul
41Zam Zam Higher Education InstitutePrivate Paktia
42Aburaihan Higher Education InstitutePrivateKabul
43Ibn-e-Sina UniversityPrivateKabul
44Maryam UniversityPrivateKabul
45Ghazni UniversityPublicGhazni
46Uruzgan Higher Education InstitutePublicUruzgan
47Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Mohammad Balkhi UniversityPrivate Balkh
48Ahmad Shah Abdali Higher Education InstitutePrivateKhost
49Rabia Balkhi UniversityPrivate Kabul
50Nimroz Higher Education UniversityPublicNimroz
51Ibn-e-Sina University (Balkh Branch)Private Balkh
52Afghan Women (Mora) UniversityPrivate Kabul