Research Proposal Verification List

NoNameResearcher Title/Academic DegreeUniversityPhoneEmail addressResearch TitleResearch Field
1Mohammad Shoaib Ahmadi
Wakil Ahmad Sarhady and Mohammad Zarif Sharifi
Professor, Ph.D/Dean of Agriculture Faculty Kabul University
Associate Professor
Agriculture Faculty, Kabul
Bean Varieties and Corn Yield for Monetary Return in Kohistan District of Kapisa. Kapisa, AfghanistanAgronomy, Agriculture
2Mohammad Zarif Sharifi and Zabehullah GalaliProfessor, Ph.D
Department of AgronomyFaculty of Agricultur077-1787-341sharifimz@yahoo.comEffects of Hairy Vetch Management Ways on Corn Growth and Grain YieldAgriculture
3Asst. Prof. Fida Muhammad Sahil, Asst. Prof. Ahmad Fawad Ehsas and Asst. Prof. Ali Muhammad RahmaniJonior Teaching Assistant, Jonior Teaching Assistant ,Jonior Teaching Assistant Water & Environmental Engineering Department- Engineering Faculty- Kandahar + 93 700 311 365, +93 704 178 983, +93 700 772,, alimr.212@gmail.comEnvironmental Aspects of Sanitary Landfill Site Selection & Design for Municipality Solid Waste in Kandahar City, AfghanistanEnvironmental Engineering
4Sayed Ziauddin Hashami, Assistant Professor, MS Degree in Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition, Purdue University, IN, USA, Assistant professor Department of Soil Science & Irrigation, Bamyan University0774865032 & Testing Selected Soils from Bamyan Center Agricultural Research Farms for Initial Macro and Micro Nutrients 5with Focus on Phosphorus AvailabilityAgriculture
5Ghulam Honaryar M.Sc., Assistant professorFaculty of Agriculture, Kabul University773135061ghulamhonaryar@gmail.comAn Economic Analysis of Production and Marketing of Potato in BamyanAgriculture
6Ajmal Wali MSc, Assistant professor Agriculture Faculty, Shaikh Zayed University (SZU) 0788 638540ajmal_hilal@yahoo.comBacterial community and fermentation patterns associated with ensilage processAgriculture
of wilted and unwilted Oats in Afghanistan
7Rahmatullah DostMasterKandahar University(0)700,355,594rahmatullah_dost@yahoo.comDomestic water withdrawal systems management in Kandahar city, AfghanistanEngineering
8Hamidullah SokoutAssistant Professor/Master's Computer ScienceKabul Polytechnic University795357199hamid.sokout@gmail.come_Kankor: Opening New Vistas of Higher Education through an Innovative Intelligent Tutoring SystemComputer Science
9Sayed Zia Ul Haq BanureeBachelor in VeterinaryNangarhar University Veterinary Science Faculty0093(0)771689668ziaaf_100@yahoo.comStudy on effect of peppermint (Mentha cordifolia) supplementation on growth performance and carcass traits of commercial broilers Poultry Science
10Assistant prof. Ahmad Farid RawanBachelor in VeterinaryNANGHARHAR UNIVERSITY/VETERINARY FACULTY0093(0)
Evaluation of milk composition for fat and bacteriological quality of raw pre-processed and pasteurized milk in Nangarhar ProvinceVeterinary
11Professor Bashir Ahmad and SifatullahPh.DEngineering Faculty, Kabul UniversitySeismic Vulnerability Assessment of Building Structures in Kabul CityEngineering
12 Zikrullah Safi a , Ghulam Mohammad Bahram b , and Mohammad Alem Alemi a Professor, PHD
Professor Ph.D
Associate Professor, MS
a.         Department of Soil Science and Irrigation, College of Agriculture, Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan +93 (0) 776352947, +93(0) 747231128, +93(0)799330442,, alemrbsp@gmail.comOrganic matter and nutrient (NPKC) losses via surface run-off in Urban Agriculture (UA) of Kabul, AfghanistanAgriculture
B Department of Agriculture Economic and Extension, College of Agriculture, Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan
13 Abdul Alim Alimi, Safiullah Habibi & Abdul Walid SalikPohanmal (Assistant professor, PhD), Pohanwal ( Professor, MSc), : Pohyalai (lecturer)Kabul University, Kabul. 0747553995, 0799330442, 0707436378,, ab.walid_salik@yahoo.comDevelopment of phosphate solubilizing biofertilizer for riceAgriculture
14 Professor SiddiqullahAssistant Professor, Master's Computer Science Education University of Shaheed Rabani(0093) 708-889-788 (0093) 783-292-632Transformation of Kabul based universities from using Classic Content Management System to Web Content Management SystemComputer Science
15Pohanyar Moh Basir BakhtyariMaster (Master of Huminities Technology). Faculty of Education, Bamyan.University93786781467basir1983@gmail.comUniversity Students’ Perception on the Effects of Using Online Technology for Enhancing Writing Performance and Developing Thinking SkillsComputer Science
16Emal Wali, Master of Science (Agricultural Systems and Engineering), Assistant ProfessorAgriculture Faculty, Shaikh Zayed University (SZU)93767490924emal.wali@yahoo.comClassification of Khost Soils on Sub-group Level and its digital mapping-using field identification methodsAgriculture
NoNameResearcher Title/Academic DegreeUniversityPhoneEmail addressResearch TitleResearch Field
17Asst. Prof. Ahmad Fawad EhsasMaster of Engineering- Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), Assistant ProfessorWater & Environmental Engineering Department- Engineering Faculty- Kandahar University704178983ahmad.fawad.ehsas@gmail.comImpact Assessment of Domestic Wastewater use for Irrigation in Kandahar City, AfghanistanEnvironmental Engineering
18Ibrahim Shahristani Lecturer of Computer Science FacultyLecturer Computer Science Facluty
Master of Computer Science
Prof Shahid Rabbani Education University0777 27 36 60e.farhang@gmail.comMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for Afghanistan Universities: Challenges and OpportunitiesComputer Science
19Ahmad Omid Afzali Assistant Professor Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan700184763omid.af53@gmail.comEvaluation of Groundwater Quantity and Quality in Kabul basin.Agriculture
20Ghulam Farooq Khpalwak, Gerhard Bax, Farokhlaqa Kakar, Ahmad Khalid Mowahida. Assistant Professor (Master Degree, b. Assistant Professor (Bachelor), d. Assistant Professor (Master DegreeBalkh University0093776060306, 0093788808207,,, Khallid.mowahed@gmail.comThe Geological Extension of the Alburz Sulphur deposit depicted by hyper spectral remote sensing and GIS: development of new methods for interactive mineral exploration with UAV in a inaccessible areas of AfghanistanMine Exploration, Statistician
21SAYED JAVID AZIMIMaster of Civil EngineeringTakhar University 791838320
s.javidazimi@gmail.comStructural Behavior of reinforced concrete beams added with natural fibers and comparative study between different types of fibersConcrete Structure, Civil Engineering
22Haji Mohammad Naimi, Hamidullah Rasekh,
Ahmad Zia Noori, Hashmatullah Yosoufi,
and Aman Bahadori
Professor, MD
Associate Professor, MD
Associate Professor, MD
Assistatn Professor, MD
Faculty of Pharmacy, Kabul University0093776060306, 0093788808207,>
Prevalence Drug Resistant Staphylococci in some health facilities of Kabul City Medical
23Fatima Fahimi BSc and MSc in HorticultureBamyan University, Faculty of Agriculture778076582fatima.rahimy@yahoo.comEFFECTS OF CHEMICAL FERTILIZER & MANURE ON GROWTH AND YIELD OF GREENHOUS CUCUMBERSAgriculture
24Dr.Shaour Gul Fqiri, Dr.Gul Mohammad Tanin, Dr. Faisal Amirya. PHD Professor(Pohand), b. PHD Profesor(Pohand)Kabul University, Kabul.0799423761, 0700299327 Dr_Faqiri@yahoo.comEffect of month and season of calving on milk quantity and quality in Bini Hisar dairy farm Veterinary
25Haroon Ahmad Haleemzai & Atiqullah Sediqia. M.Sc Environmental Sciences (Specialization in Environmental Planning & Management), Lecturer b. M.Sc Agriculture (Specialization in Horticulture), Lecturer Kunduz University, and Sharq University Kabul 0781143947,, ateeqsediqi@gmail.comImpacts of water development plans on regional water cooperation - A Case study of Amu river basinMulti-Diciplinary Environment, Ecnomics, Natural Resources
26Mohammad Hassan HassanyarMaster degree, Assistant ProfessorFaculty of Earth Sciences Bamyan University

93770004526hasanyar84@hotmail.comSustainable management of water resources and environment under the changing climate condition in Afghanistan: case study of Kabul River BasinEnvironmental Science
27Dr. Mohammad Mehdi MoheghiHerat University781362301m.moheghi@gmail.comInspection of the imported food products and internally produced food products form the point of sanitation and quality.
28Mr.Gul Aqa “Anwari” Head of Agronomy Department
Senior Assistant Professor
Bachelor Agriculture
Agriculture faculty, Kunduz University93) 0711074415 –
gulaqaanwari@yahoo.comEffects of Cultivation Methods on Yield of Local Rice Varieties in KunduzAgriculture
29Emal HaandAssistant Professor,
Master of Structural Engineering
Engineering Faculty, Civil DepartmentShaikh Zayed University+93-792 98 33 31emal_eng786@yahoo.comRapid Assessment for Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings:Civil Engineering
30Ahmad Moheb Qadernia Assistant Professor,
Bachelor Business Administration
Herat University
Study of Effective Factors Affecting loan Repayment in Microfinance Institutions in Herat Province Economics/Finance