MoHE signed MoU with Mahidol University, Thailand

On 15th February 2018, Ministry of Higher Education signed an MoU with Mahidol University, Thailand. The objective of the MoU is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship built on academic cooperation. Areas of cooperation between the MoHE and Mahidol University include, but are not limited to, academic cooperation and human resource development in the form of structured study, culminating into award of degree of Masters and Ph.D. in all available disciplines in Mahidol University for the sponsored Afghan students by MoHE at Mahidol University, upon mutual agreement.
The signing institutions agree to provide opportunity, as appropriate, for the following activities towards the completion of the objectives of this MoU. 
i. Mahidol University agrees to provide the facilities in terms of infrastructure, course material, academic and administrative support for imparting of instruction to the designated students in the best possible environment for conducive teaching and learning process at Mahidol University leading up to successful award of Mater’s and PhD degrees in respective fields of study. 
ii. The MoHE agrees to make available suitable sponsored students from Afghanistan for the duration of course at Mahidol University premises as per the scheduled curriculum of the institution. 
There will be Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) comprising of representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Mahidol University who will be responsible for monitoring the progress of the students.