Kabul University Female Orientation

The Higher Education Development Project (HEDP) with coordination of Ministry of Higher Education to achieve the objectives of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan II (NHESPII) has coordinated in conducting of Orientation Program for the first year female students. Since the program has been a pilot one, for this year, students of Shaheed Rabbani Kabul Education University and Kabul University have been targeted.

Kabul University’s orientation for First Year’s Female students was held in 3 days (May21st – May 23rd), in 6 sessions for 18 Faculties.
The objective of this orientation was to familiarize students with the university life and get to know about the facilities University provides, such as the library, laboratories, cafeteria, security, first aid section and etc. It is also a good opportunity for the student to become familiar with University staff and the surroundings, as well as the academic credit system. On the other hand, the university community apart from being involved in the preparation and implementation of orientation programs had the opportunity to meet the new students.
Senior students,

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