Kasetsart University welcomed delegates from Afghanistan

On 14th February 2018, Kasetsart University welcomed delegates from the Minister of Higher Education, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan led by Mr, Abdul Tawab Balakarzai (Deputy Minister Academic Affairs); Mr. Noor Ahmad Darwish (Director HEDP); Mr. Bahadur Hellali (Sr. Education and Technology Manager); Mr. Yama Hashimi (Sr. University Operations Manager); Mr. Zubair Sediqi (Director Academic Programs); and Mr. Tariq Sediqi (Director Admin and Finance.

The delegates were accompanied by Mr. Akanit Kingsak, Academic Service Officer, Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Ministry of Education, Thailand as a coordinator.The meeting focused on establishing working and making connections for future collaboration between Kasetsart University and public universities in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan particularly in the field of Water Management, Irrigation Engineering, as well as training and exchange of faculty members to learn and further study in Agriculture fields at Kasetsart University.

Ministry of Higher Education is also interested in international programs offering at Kasetsart University, the Professional Development Center, as well as the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).