ICT Centers

Fortunately, since 2017, HEDP implemented 12 ICT centers, 24 IT equipment and 6 solar system facilities in public universities. The universities implemented ICT centers listed below:

  1. Faryab University
  2. Khost University
  3. Ghazni University
  4. Takhar University
  5. Paktia University
  6. Kunar University
  7. Alberoni University
  8. Bamyan University
  9. Kabul Medical University
  10. Shahid Rabani Education University
  11. Baghlan University
  12. Kabul Polytechnic University

An ICT center consists of an IT Lab, workspace for ICT technical staff, equipped training room, standard server room, and stock room . The university buildings are fully networked and internet is accessible everywhere through the campus.

The main objective of an ICT center is to:

  • Provide quality technology services to the university to achieve academic excellence.
  • Provide innovative ICT solutions to modernize teaching, learning and research of the university

The design and establishment of ICT infrastructure follows a standard performance scorecard developed by World Bank and MoHE responsive to the needs of universities.

ICT Center designed and established delivers services listed as below:

  • Provision of Internet services to university faculty members, staff and students
  • Provision and maintenance of learning management platform and other learning tools
  • Capacity building programs for faculty members, staff and students
  • Provision and installation of necessary software
  • IT support helpdesk
  • Provision of access to digital libraries university users
  • Maintenance of ICT equipment
  • Ensuring security of ICT center and campus network
  • Provision and installation of necessary software
  • Email services to faculty users