ICT Administration and Network Management Advanced Training Workshop

Noor Ahmad Darwish (D.M Admin and Finance MoHE)

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HEDP is working to ensure enough pool of ICT technical staff in Tashkeel at universities and ICT centers is maintained, managed and sustained in long run. The 10 ICT centers and 2 IT center established by HEDP require well management. While comparing current staffing against the required competencies, long-term capacity development initiatives and interventions required. HEDP conducted capacity building programs for 46 IT personnel participated from different provinces and central universities in 2018 and 2019.

The main objective of the current training program is to continue advancing the skills of ICT personnel in universities to maintain functional ICT centers, and provide possible ICT services to universities.

After receiving the required training, ICT technical staff should be:

  • Able to manage, maintain, monitor and secure campus network hardware, software and services and provide required IT support to users
  • Able to efficiently manage and monitor internet bandwidth
  • Able to install, maintain and monitor required applications and services on campus network
  • Able to efficiently manage IT critical power
  • Able to deliver computer literacy training to faculty members, staff and students.

The target participants of the workshop will be ICT technicians from 7 public universities where ICT centers established recently. Following universities are targeted:

  1. Kabul Medical University
  2. Baghlan University
  3. Bamyan University
  4. Alberoni University
  5. Kabul Poly Technic University
  6. SZK University (Khost)
  7. Takhar University.

Overall, 20 technical staff will participate and beneficiate the workshop. By completing this workshop, the technical staff will manage, maintain functional ICT centers and deliver possible services to academia.