Female Enrollment

Increasing Access to Priority Degree Programs for Economic Development

The objective of this theme is to expand enrollment in degree programs that are of direct relevance for future economic development. Special attention will be given to increase female enrollment in priority degree programs at public universities. To achieve this objective HEDP has completed many projects in the last 4 years as; more than 25000 seats are reserved for female students in Kankor. 25 minibuses were provided to ease girls commute in provincial universities, 6 counseling centers are established to help students in their career building. 5 child care centers are completed and utilized for supporting working mothers and married students as well 5 more child care centers are going to be completed by the end of 2020. Moreover, 5 female dorms are established to provide safe residential facilities for female students in provincial universities. As well, HEDP with the support of MoHE started the program of distributing stipend for financially disadvantaged female students in 2019, annually 300 students are receiving this stipend.  Furthermore, HEDP established 20 female lavatories in public universities to decrease the challenges of female students during their university stay.

HEDP initiatives for female students in the last 4 years in public universities resulted to increase the percentage of female students to 27% and it’s expected to be 28% by the end of 2020.

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