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One-day OBE-SCL Conference

May 23, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Following the OBE-SCL Workshop for Faculty Deans, HEDP & MoHE will be hosting a one-day OBE-SCL Conference. The four OBE-SCL Master Trainers from the University of Technology Malaysia will be the guest speakers. The guest speakers will reflect upon the importance of reshaping the Higher Education towards Outcome Based Education & Student Centered Learning. They will also talk about the history of OBE-SCL in Malaysia and other OBE-SCL related topics. The conference audience is mainly composed of the following:

  1. Chancellor & Vice Chancellor of Academics from 24 public universities
  2. 77 faculty deans
  3. 24 OBE-SCL Champions
  4. 4 Malaysian OBE-SCL Experts
  5. MoHE officials
  6. 24 OBE-SCL Champions/Master Trainers
  7. International Bodies
  8. Private universities Chancellor
  9. HEDP staff


  • To reflect on the recent achievements and activities in terms of OBE-SCL
  • To disseminate the knowledge of OBE-SCL approach to audience
  • To modernize and enhance the quality and standard of teaching & learning in Higher Education
  • To gain support from academics, non-academics and stakeholders to promote and institutionalize OBE and SCL in higher education
  • To obtain the full cooperation of university management and leadership level to provide OBE-SCL training to academic staffs


  • Participants will be briefed about the general and specific goals of OBE-SCL approach
  • Participants will be aware of the recent achievements and activities of OBE-SCL approach
  • Participants will have a clearer understanding of the advantages of OBE-SCL approach
  • Participants will coordinate and cooperate in developing future strategies to support and nurture the implementation and practice the OBE-SCL approaches to enhance capacity building and quality teaching and learning in Higher Education
  • Participants will spread the news about the OBE-SCL to the community



May 23, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Kabul University
Kabul, Afghanistan