Contract Award Notice

Client: Ministry of Higher Education,

Project: Higher Education Development Program-HEDP-

County: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Contract Title: Consultancy Services for the Third Party Validation (TPV) of Disbursement Link Indicators (DLIs)

RFP No.: C-11

Grant No.: TF 0A0730   

Procurement Method: Quality and Cost Based Selection – QCBS

Publish Date: April 11, 2021

Firms Submitted Proposals

  Name Read Out Price Evaluated Price
1 Tal Waddan Consultancy Services 4,074,970 in figure but in text (Three Million Nine Hundred Six Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Seven), Including 4% BRT Tax


AFN 3,750,074

Exclusive Tax

2 Afghan Management and Marketing Consultants (AMMC) AFN 3,593,524 Exclusive Tax


AFN 3,593,524

Exclusive Tax

3 Organization for Economic Development of Afghanistan (OEDA) AFN 4,758,864 Including Tax


AFN 4,586,506

Exclusive Tax

4 AFC India LTD in Association with Integration Management Consulting Service AFN 8,457,394 Exclusive Tax


AFN 8,457,394

Exclusive Tax

5 State Helps Consultancy Services Financial Proposal was not opened due to not passing the required minimum technical score.

Successful Firm

Name Tal Waddan Consultancy Services
Contract Price AFN 3,750,074 Exclusive tax  (Three Million Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand and Seventy-Four) Afghani
Contract Duration 3  Months