Capacity Building

Short term technical trainings:

In accordance to the MoHE’s strategic plan, The Ministry is required to regularly enhance the capacity of technical staff of the universities and the Ministry to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and services the Ministry is mandated for. The Higher Education Development Program (HEDP) has assisted the MoHE in developing the technical capacity of the laboratories, libraries, ICT technicians and gender focal points over the last four years. The program conducted a need analysis study and found the capacity gaps.  The material and courses were designed with respect to the findings of needs assessment studies.

Since 2016, the program has conducted six trainings for the technical staff of the public universities and the MoHE. In total, 468 technical staff has been trained, which majority of them are the labs and libraries technicians.

Number of short term technical staff trained under HEDP since 2016

S/NType of trainingBeneficiariesNumber of Staff trainedYear
1Gender Mainstreaming WorkshopGender Focal Points, Vice Chancellors, and HR2129-Oct-16
2National Seminar Enhancing Women Participation in Higher EducationGender Focal Points, Vice Chancellors, and HR8530-Jul-17
4Short term ICTs Technical and Maintenance TrainingICT Technicians4321-Sep-18
5Short term Libraries Technical and Maintenance TrainingLibraries Technicians16622-Jun-19
6Short term Lab Technical and Maintenance TrainingLab Technicians15314-Jul-19
 Total 468 

Following the trainings, the program conducted an impact assessment. The study indicated that short term technical training has brought significant improvements in capacity, and lab managing skills of lab technicians. Around 53 % of the respondents stated that the lab technicians were able to repair the key instruments/equipment of labs after they received the training. In addition, 67.5 % of academic members specified that the lab technicians were knowledgeable and skillful for proper, effective and efficient operationalization of lab equipment, after trained in short term technical and maintenance training.