Call for individual research proposals

Call for individual research proposals


Higher Education Development Project is intended to develop the research culture in universities. The focus will be on applied, development oriented research Projects, mainly from the priority disciplines. However, research Projects from other disciplines, if clearly development oriented, will also be eligible for resources. The universities would be expected to undertake research Projects focused on national or local development. The research culture to be developed will be results-focused and based on competition. This is consistent with the principle that research activities are more productive if they are based on incentives and are demand-driven, rather than supply-driven.

The Award

HEDP is awarding 15 individual research grants to eligible researchers. Each award provides up to US $ 2000 for applicants who are willing to start research projects that are aligned with HEDP/MoHE research guideline. At this stage, the preference will be given to development oriented research projects, however, applicants can submit proposals relevant to higher education improvement at university level or national level. Award recipients are expected to present their preliminary findings at face-to-face meeting to the research board of MoHE and to publish their findings in a credible international journal.

HEDP/MoHE research guideline

  • An individual research project is a project which is designed and conducted by one researcher.
  • Research Proposals, research reports and final findings should be published in English.
  • The researcher should be a faculty member of a public or private university with at least a Master’s degree.
  • The researcher should publish the research paper in a credible international journal.
  • Cost and expenses (budget breakdown) of the research proposals should be stated in detail and to be approved by the Research Board of MoHE.
  • The timeline (start date and end date of the project) of the research projects should be clear. Research projects should be completed within a maximum period of 12 months.
  • Individual research projects should be designed and implemented for the economic development of the country. The proposals must explain how the proposed research projects will contribute to the economic development of Afghanistan at national or provincial level.
  • The research project should have clear action plan.
  • The research project should meet the international standards.
  • The research proposal should be according to the format provided by HEDP (Attached).
  • Qualified female researchers are to be encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Eligible applicants: The applicant must be a current faculty member of a public or private university. Proposals will be reviewed by the Research Board of MoHE and external peer-reviewers. Award recipients will be notified by March 30, 2018. A contract will be signed with the award recipients. 

Proposals should be according to the attached format. Qualified female researchers are to be encouraged to apply. For any inquiry please send an email to

The deadline for this call for proposals is Thursday, Feb 20, 2018.

Submission email:]

Research Proposal Format:

For getting Research Department Form click here

Note: Proposals submitted during July to October 2017 is now under review, please Do NOT re-submit them.

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