Advanced OBE-SCL workshop

The quality of teaching matters the most in higher education, the MOHE has therefore taken a series of initiatives including short-term and long-term training for teacher of public universities on Outcome-Based Education, Student-Centered Learning, and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for improved pedagogy and student-teacher interaction.  In order to foster a climate conducive to the recognition of teaching quality as a priority in public universities, and to employ innovative evaluation instrument so that the impact on the quality of learning outcomes could be measured.

The MoHE has organized a number of awareness and capacity building event aiming at introducing Modern Teaching and Learning approached in the public universities of Afghanistan. Subsequent to the introductory training on OBE-SCL in November, 2015 with the cooperation from UTM, an advanced OBE-SCL training for 175 teachers from various faculties and universities. Four senior international OBE-SCL experts from University Technology Malaysia are invited to conduct an 8 days training from 24 April to 03 May 2016

To download full Advanced OBE-SCL workshop report, please click here