Advanced OBE-SCL Training Program Announcement

Advanced OBE-SCL Training Program Announcement

Higher Education Development Project (HEDP) will award fellowship for an “Advanced Outcome Based Education and Student Centered Learning Training” at University Teknologi Malaysia. This fellowship will be available to full time faculty staffs who want to support, nurture and spread the knowledge, practice and implementation of Outcome Based Education and Student Centered Learning (OBE-SCL) into their universities. The overall objective of the HEDP is to increase access to, and improve the quality and relevance of, higher education. The HEDP supports the NHESP-II 2015-2020, which aims to develop the higher education sector by expanding enrollment, improving quality, and orienting higher education to promote the future economic and social development of Afghanistan.


Fellowship Title: Advanced OBE-SCL Training Program

Study Subject: Outcome Based Education, Student Centered Learning (OBE-SCL) and Blended Learning

Number of Fellowships: There are several awards available.

Scholarship can be taken: University Teknologi Malaysia, (UTM)

Duration: Two weeks


The Fellowship Award:

  1. University teachers who meet the criteria, will be selected for the Advanced OBE-SCL Training program at UTM
  2. Payments on the award are made on behalf of the fellowship recipient directly to UTM providing OBE-SCL Training and service
  3. All expenses including training fee, air fair (round trip ticket), accommodations, refreshments and food will be covered by HEDP.
  4. Certificates will be awarded to successful participants


Individuals Eligible to Apply:

  1. Participants shall be Master Degree holder
  2. Candidates must be full time faculty members
  3. The participants shall be 25 up to 40 years old.
  4. They should have good command of English and be able to study, read, write, speak, listen and communicate in English
  5. Participants shall be computer literate
  6. They shall be interested in taking the OBE-SCL Training abroad
  7. They will have to sign a commitment letter in which they declare their strong commitment to provide OBE-SCL Training to at least 30 other faculty members
  8. Participants shall have least some basic knowledge of OBE and SCL concepts and theories
  9. They need to have some basic experiences in training and facilitation
  10. Participants shall have at least 2-4 years of teaching experiences


Application Process:

Candidates after being identified eligible for applying for the Advanced OBE-SCL Training program, will have to submit a completed portfolio (set of documents) with all support documents for final selection screening. The portfolio shall include the following:

  1. CV and a cover letter
  2. Application Form
  3. A copy of the Highest Education Diploma and Certificate
  4. Answer a set of questions (Portfolio of Teaching)
  5. Attach an actual course syllabus that they teach including the course learning outcomes
  6. The course schedule for 15-16 weeks
  7. Lesson Plan (one copy)
  8. An undersigned commitment letter by candidate
  9. He/she shall submit one page in written, exposing his/her motivation (motivation letter/letter of interest) to participate in the Advanced OBE-SCL Training:
  • Why am I the right candidate?
  • Why the Advanced OBE-SCL Training is useful for me?
  • How I can support and nurture OBE-SCL at university


Note: The candidates might probably have to go through a Skype-Interview with HEDP and UTM Experts.

Application Deadline: Fellowship application deadline is March 15, 2017.Therefore applicants are advised to submit the full portfolio package and application with all supporting documents as early as possible.

Application Submission Guideline: Applicants shall submit the completed portfolio package, application along with all supporting documents to the office of Chancellor/Vice Chancellor for Academics.

Important: University Leadership will provide the list of introduced candidates to HEDP, MoHE. This will ensure a transparent selection manner and assure candidates that their submitted package is reviewed by HEDP, MoHE for final selection.