List of Research Projects Granted by HEDP

No Name of the Researcher/s Research Tittle Link to the journal Download Link
1 Ghulam Honaryar An Economic Analysis of Production and Marketing of Potato in Bamyan Link Link
2 Ajmal Wali Bacterial community and fermentation patterns associated with ensilage process of wilted and un wilted Oats in Afghanistan Link Link
3 Rahmatullah Dost Domestic water withdrawal systems management in Kandahar city, Afghanistan Link Link
4 Hamidullah Sokout E-Kankor: Opening New Vistas of Higher Education Through an Innovative Intelligent Tutoring System Link Link
5 Sayed Zia Ul Haq Banuree Study on effect of peppermint (Mentha cordifolia) supplementation on growth performance and carcass traits of commercial broilers Link Link
6 Professor Siddiqullah Barakzai Transformation of Kabul based Universities from using Classic Content Management System to Web Content Management System Key issues and challenges Link Link
7 Mohammad Basir Bakhteyari Use of web 2.0 Technologies on Enhancing Writing Performance: A Perception Study Link Link
8 Ahmad Fawad Ehsas Impact Assessment of Domestic Wastewater use for Irrigation in Kandahar City, Afghanistan Link Link
9 Ahmad Omid Afzali Physicochemical and Bacteriological Quality of groundwater in Kabul basin, Afghanistan Link Link
10 Professor Sayed Javid Azimi Structural Behavior of reinforced concrete beams added with natural fibers and comparative study between different types of fibers Link Link
11 Haroon Ahmad Haleemzai
Atiqullah Sediqi
Impacts of water development plans on regional water cooperation – A Case study of Amu river basin Link Link
12 Mohammad Hassan Hassanyar Sustainable water resources planning and management of Kabul River Basin under population growth and changing climate Link Link
13 Mohammad Mehdi Moheghi Inspection of the imported food products and internally produced food products form the point of sanitation and quality. Link Link
14 Gul Aqa Anwari Effects of Cultivation Methods on Yield of Local Rice Varieties in Kunduz Link Link
15 Wakil Ahmad Sarhadi, M. Shaoib Ahmadi, M. Zarif Sharifi Assessment of Adaptation and Cultivation Methods of Three Local Varieties of Bean in Kabul Climatic Conditions Link Link
16 M.  Zarif Sharifi, M. Shoaib Ahmadi, and Zabehullah Jalali Effects of Hairy Vetch Management Ways on Corn Growth and Grain Yield Link Link
17 Fida Muhammad Sahil, Ahmad Fawad Ehsas, Ali M.Rahmani Environmental Aspects of Sanitary Landfill Site Selection & Design for Municipality Solid Waste in Kandahar City, Afghanistan Link Link
18 Mohammad Hassan Zaki and Ziauddin Hashami  Testing Selected Soils from Bamyan Center Agricultural Research Farms for Initial Macro and Micro Nutrients 5with Focus on Phosphorus Availability Link Link
19 Aimal Mirza and Meena Rahmani Role of Business Incubation Centers in Growth of Small Businesses in Afghanistan Link Link
20 Zikrullah Safi, Ghulam Mohd. Bahram, Khal Mohd. Ahmadzai ,Mohd. Alem Alemi Organic matter and nutrient (NPKC) losses via surface run-off in Urban Agriculture (UA) of Kabul, Afghanistan Link Link
21 Najeebullah Rahimi, Bilal Ahmad Rahimi, Qudratullah Ahmadi, M. Sami Hayat Treatment outcome of Tuberculosis treatment regimens in South-west Afghanistan and its economic burden on the local society   Link Link
22 Ghulam Farooq Khpalwak, Gerhard Bax, Farokhlaqa Kakar, Ahmad Khalid Mowahid The geological extension of the Alburz sulphur deposit depicted by hyperspectral remote sensing and GIS: Development of new methods for interactive mineral exploration with UAV in inaccessible areas of Afghanistan Link Link
23 Haji. M. Naimi, Hamidullah Rasekh, Ahmad Zia Noori, Hashmatullah Yosoufi, Aman Bahadori Prevalence Drug Resistant Staphylococci in some health facilities of Kabul City Link Link

Shaour Gul Faqiri,

Gul Mohammad Tanin,

Faisal Amiry
Effect of month and season of calving on milk quantity and quality in Bini Hisar dairy farm Link Link
25 Khadem Hussain Saeedi, Abdul Wahid Monib Biomedical waste management in Kandahar city Link Link
26 Ahmad Shah Bena, Mohammadullah Mutamid, Mohammad Basir Bakhtyari Investigating the Causes of Depression among University Students and Ways of Treatment Link Link
27 Emal Wali, Shafiqul Shafiqi, Ahmadyar Ahmadi Effect of cutting size, number of buds and potatoes on sprouting and adventitious root formation of rose soft wood cuttings Link Link
28 Ajmal Wali, Noori, Saifullah The effects of various protein and energy supplements on broiler chickens growth performance in the presence or absence of feed additives. Link Link
29 Ahmad Fared Rawan, Abdul Aziz Hasrat Effects of Nematode Haemonchus contortus on blood parameters and growth of Lambs Link Link
30 Sayeed Hassan Adelyar, Noor Mohammad Atapoor Required IT Competencies in Industry versus IT education of Public Universities in Kabul Link Link
31 Abdul Basir Mahmoodzada, Mohammad Muhsin Azizi, Abdul Saboor Mahmoodzada River Change Detection and its protection Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Link Link
32 Mirwais Ahmadzai, Jamshid Haidery Effect of Transformational and Transactional Leadership on Job Satisfaction:  A case of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency Link Link

Sayed Wali Jalalzai,

Yousaf Khan Ziar,

Nazeer Khan Mohammadi,

Mohammad Gul Arabzai

Effect of different levels of Phosphorus and Biofertilizers on growth and yield of soybean in Paktia, Afghanistan Link Link
34 Toufiq Sarwarzada, Khalid Ahmad Siddiq, Mir Abdullah Miri Afghan University Students’ Attitudes and Motivation towards ESP and EGP Courses Link Link
35 Ahmad Hussain Rasikh Standardization of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer and its effect on growth and yield of Cauliflower Link Link
36 Hikmatullah Obaid Effect of different levels of phosphorus fertilizer on growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Link Link
37 Jamshed Haidery Determinants of FDI inflow in Afghanistan during 2002-2016 Link Link
38 Hassan Rahnaward Ghulami Relationship between Internet Addictions and Academic Performance among Afghans University Students Link Link
39 Saidajan Attiq Abdiani Influence of application methods of bio-fertilizers on yield performance of onion  Link Link
40 Ahmad Farid Rawan Evaluation of milk composition for fat and bacteriological quality of raw pre-processed and pasteurized milk in Nangarhar Province Link Link
41 Khadem Hussain Saeedi Municipal solid waste management analysis in Kandahar city Link Link
44 Gulbaddin Gulab Effects of foliar application of urea on the yield of tomato. Link Link
45 Latifa Sadat Identifying Medical plants in Parwan Province and its impact on economic growth of the households Link Link
46 Abdul Ghani Noori Crop Residues Energy Potential in the South-western Zone of Afghanistan Link Link
47 Mukhtar Ahmad Faiz Effect of different levels of nitrogen and time of sowing on growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Link Link
48 Shams-ud-Din Hemmat Demand for and supply of public health services in eastern region of Afghanistan Link Link
49 Khairullah Khairkhwa The Impact of  farmyard manure on the yield and baking quality of wheat Link Link
50 Mohammad Malyar Incidence of Haemoprotozoan diseases in Cattle & Buffalo in Bihsood district /Nangarhar Province Link Link
51 Sayed Ataul Haq Banuree Study on women participation in livestock activities in Nangarhar province Link Link
52 Ahmad Wali Atayee, Arash Nemat Study of the Multidrug Resistance Escherichia Coli in drinking water of District, 3,5 and 11 of Kabul city. Link Link
53 Qurban Ali Frugh, Shahwali Shahidi Compatibility between university education contents and graduates job Link Link
54 Mansoor Aslamzai, Zemaray Hassin, Faroq Hamidi Comparing the effect of  room air versus  oxygen  for the resuscitation of asphyxiated neonates in Kabul Link Link
55 Zikrullah Safi, Farid Ahmad Sherzai, Andreas Buerkert Assessments of dust induced crop nutrient (NPK) and heavy metal (Cd, Pb, Ni, Zn, Cu, As) deposition in Urban Agriculture of Kabul, Afghanistan Link Link
56 Agha Mohammad Fazli, Abdul Ghani Noori Assessment of Waste to Energy Potential in the Central Zone of Afghanistan Link Link
57 Siddiqullah Barikzai E-Learning in Afghanistan Higher Education: Wheel of Change Link Link
58 Ahmad Jahed Mushtaq The effects of social networking’s use on the students’ academic performance Link Link
59 Mahboba Rezai Numerical simulation of oil hydrocarbons and heavy metals transport in soil using CTRAN/W and HYDRUS 1D Link Link
60 Haji Mohammad Naimi Determination of Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of S. aureus and Prevalence of MRSA of nasal carriers in Kabul University students Link Link
61 Ahmad Walid Barlas The Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Afghanistan Link Link
62 Zabihullah Alimyar Attitudes and Motivation of Afghan Students towards Learning English Link Link