Mohammad Naeim Maleki

Heart University


First of all, I would like to thank all the people involved in having the workshop on OBE-SCL. I am satisfied with the transparent process in which the candidates went through. After submitting our CV, portfolio, and other necessary documents, some of us were shortlisted and had the interview. The list was further shortened and the best candidates were selected. That is to say, disregarding the candidates’ gender, major and years of teaching experiences, the potential candidates were selected. At the end, the professors who had the abilities to perform well in the workshop were sent to UTM in Malaysia. We were trained about OBE-SCL and assessment by some professors from UTM.

Since my major is TESOL and I had studied about SCL during my stay in the USA as a Fulbright scholar, I was familiar with student-centered learning methodologies. For example, I had used “jigsaw activities” in my classes where students had many kinds of interaction patterns in the class, providing students with an opportunity to present individually and in groups about a learned topic.


“Champions’ opinions on the OBE-SCL Workshops”

Mr. Muhammad Sharif Hasanzoy is a lecturer in English Department of Faculty of Education at Kunduz University. He is one of the OBE-SCL Champions and provides OBE-SCL Workshops to other teachers.

As soon as trainees got the big picture of the OBE, they acknowledged that teaching and learning must be implemented in the way like OBE demonstrates. Identifying learning outcomes, course outcomes, program outcomes and program educational outcomes were the most amazing part of the workshop. These were somehow new concepts for the participants and they worked on them practically as examples during the workshop. Furthermore, the SCL module was also enjoyable for the participants; because they learned about creating classroom activities to engage learners actively involved in the lesson.  During the workshop attendees worked on some of the informal cooperative learning activities. Participants of the workshop said, implementing the twenty informal activities in their classrooms paves the way to create student-centered learning. While SCL module was being played, most of the informal activities were practically done by the trainees.