Reflection Paper on Advanced ToT OBE-SCL workshop at UTM, Malaysia

By Mohammad Dost Safi


OBE and SCL Reflection

I attended the first OBE/ SCL training workshop in Nangarhar University. There were 14 lecturers from different disciplines. After the 12 days successful training workshop. The trainer asked us to write our teaching portfolio in the light of the materials and the training which we got. We wrote our portfolio and we submitted them to our HEDP representative at our University. Our portfolios were sent to the HEDP and HEDP forwarded them to UTM for the evaluation and reviewing. After the screening we were interviewed by HEDP by Skype. The final candidates were selected for the Advance OBE/ SCL training in Malaysia. As I mentioned earlier we got the basic OBE and SCL training in our University before the Advanced training.  We had using before the participatory learning methods in sometimes not like this.  When we got the Advanced OBE / SCL training in Malaysia our concept was much clear about it.

I can say that I can covey my message and concept to easily to others and I shared the experienced which I gained in the workshop. As I learned that OBE is

“An outcome is a culminating demonstration of learning; it is what the student should be able to do at the end of a course. Outcome-based education is an approach to education in which decisions about the curriculum are driven by the exit learning outcomes that the students should display at the end of the course”. Another way to define OBE is to consider it as “results-oriented thinking” where the focus is more on setting a set of outcomes from the start, and both teaching and assessment are based on these outcomes. A more clarifying explanation states that OBE “means clearly focusing and organizing everything in the educational system around what is essential for all students to be able to do successfully at the end of their learning experiences. This means starting with a clear picture of what is important for students to be able to do, then organizing the curriculum, instruction, and assessment to make sure this learning ultimately happens.”

During the workshop we were not faced with many problems because we already got the basic training back in our university.  We used different resources such as multimedia, flip charts, white board, handouts and our personal laptops and updated materials and fresh information from well experienced professors. I liked Constructive Alignment, CQI, PEO, PO, CO and ZPD changed constructively. (PEO, PO, CO, CQI and mapping all of them. The using of technology for active teaching such as schoology,Piatoon etc.

The OBE/SCL workshop overall was very productive I gained new methodology of teaching and learning the new and updated methods and material of teaching. I like the particularly the demo of teaching it was really helpful and learning by doing. I really enjoyed this was new adventure which will go through it. The workshop was beyond our expectations it was wonderful and well organized. My main goal was to learn the new methodology of teaching and learning process and

To become a good champion in order to develop curriculum in the light of OBE and SCL.

To utilize from oversea professors’ and champions’ experiences, understandings and impressions in relation to the contemporary approaches and educational systems.

To change the current outdated teaching and learning approaches which sovereign in Higher Education of Afghanistan, to be a good lecturer and etc.

To enhance, update, and tentatively move forward in the realm of higher education and teaching learning process. I as a lecturer have a lot ahead to do in order to implement OBE and SCL effectively in my country and particularly in my university.


I judged my weak and strong points during the workshop which I overcome my weaknesses and motivated my strong points by comments of respected professors.

One thing I personally would like to improve upon is to prepare my plans, according to, PEO, PO, CO and ZPD and mapping all of them and they should be interlinked with each other. Betterment of the workshop if we include more practically work giving more assignments during the sessions. Some of the professors were not well prepared and not able to convey the message and the lecture easily to the participants if they give more time for the preparation outside the classes it will be more helpful for the betterment of the workshop. My experience about OBE/SCL was fantastic I learned and experienced a lot which enrich my knowledge and really helpful in teaching and learning process.

I believe that knowledge can be transformative in ways that can enhance students’ lives through a quality education in obvious and complex ways. Skills in OBE and SCL made me to believe that education is at its best when it develops sustained learning, intellectual growth and the utility of knowledge.

I already shared my experienced with respective professors, lecturers and students and gave presentation about this wonderful training and the inspired with it. The professors and lecturers showed a great interest for getting this training. They are motivated a lot for the training. I will do follow with them time to time.

I think OBE/ SCL can be institutionalized in Afghanistan higher education:

1) Improving teaching techniques of the staff through increased educational seminars about SCL, equipped with practical training

2) Including actual and sophisticated parameters to measure and assess how close staff members are to practicing SCL in the right way.


My goal as an English teacher is to assist and encourage students to achieve higher goals and be more independent and confident in their abilities then me. I mean that my students should be better than me when they become a teacher or researcher in their field.

I try to get my students to do something every class period. When students are actively engaged in exploring, applying, or debating the material, they will learn.

I will practice Outcome Based Education (OBE) in which my role is as a facilitator and the focus is on output, and Students Centered Learning (SCL) in which I provides students with opportunities to learn independently and from one another and coaches them in the skills they need to do so effectively.



Approach to and belief in the power of education. Most importantly, I believe that education is at its best when it creates sustained learning, intellectual growth, and the discovery of the utility of knowledge.



Best regards,


Mohammad Dost Safi

Assistant Professor

Nangarhar University





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