OBE-SCL Reflection Paper by Saifurahman Rohi

Every teacher wants to use new techniques to improve and to have better outcome. Therefore, the process of selection for the program of OBE-SCL was competitive.  First of all was selection of candidates at Faculty level among lecturers. Fortunately, I was one of the lecturers at Education faculty of our university that all members of Academic Committee of the Faculty selected me for the program. Second step was according University level that HEDP members selected according to their submitted documents; which focused on written portfolio and other documents that we have submitted for the selection for the OBE-SCL.  The last step was interview that I answered to the entire questions well Alhamdullah. So, I got selection letter from the HEDP for the program.


It beginning OBE-SCL was only a new term that I heard and I was confused. After some research and studying about program, I got some knowledge. So, I was interested to participate in the program to get complete information about it. Before the start of workshop at Malaysia I participate at OBE-SCL workshop which was conducted by Mr. Maroof Khan Hamdard and M. Daud Shirzad at Paktia University. Thus, I had some information before about the program before going to Malaysia.


This approach had new technique and several assessment activities for teaching. Two similar form not exactly the same of them I have used in my teaching before as well; those are Game tournament and jigsaw activities in my classes but I learnt advanced form of them in OBE-SCL workshop in Malaysia.  I used Game tournament for vocabulary learning and jigsaw activity for speaking skills. I made two charts of one person information, the two charts had some missing parts and one student presents information but miss some parts of it, the second student completes missing parts.


At the beginning of the workshop I was worry about the program that how to implement in our large classes and different situation than Malaysian situation. Alternative, when the professors practically explained techniques with several activities and we discussed questions with them it the result it clear doubt that I had. Teaching techniques and learning activities helped me to solve the problems. I studied about the OBE-SCL concept and its different activities for better outcomes; it changed my mind for OBE-SCL.


Professors’ instruction and OBE-SCL books helped us to learn more about it and classroom activities that professors guide us to perform different activities during the workshop. The professors were friendly so we discussed many questions with them. In any case, they clear our misconception. In addition, blending learning was interested part for making videos for lesson and outside classroom activities like assignment and team work.


Overall the workshop was more interested to me especially formal cooperative learning activities for teaching and learning alignment. In addition, it was interested to design course outcomes, program outcomes and program educational outcome which was new and more interested to me.  The other important part was E-Learning to me, which helps me to prepare lecture to students with new ways. The program filled the gap in learning process that some inactive students participate in groups as well.

My impression about the program: When I returned to home university, soon after I start to implement the new program in my courses. I notice some important points which helped me to involve all the students in the learning process and all the students actively participate in the team work and group discussion.

The OBE-SCL is prepared to have direct contact with outcome. An alternative, lesson has alignment among teaching, learning and assessment for better outcome and course outcome support program outcome. Moreover, program outcome has direct link with program educational outcome. The program is made for the better achievement.

I intended to solve the problems that I have faced with in my teaching. We have different level of students according to their abilities. So, I tried to prepare lesson in a simple way but some students had difficulty and for some it was boring because it was easy for them.  The workshop changed my mind about the learning because of formal and informal cooperative learning activities and assessments. Another, I had problem that how to give marks to assignment, presentations and assessments. When I attend the workshop I learn to assess three domains (Psychomotor, Cognitive, and Affective) and rubrics for each part.


The workshop was more interested to me and as a lecturer I want to apply the program in my classes for its better result. Implementation of OBE-SCL will bring positive changes because of designing for the best achievement of lesson. We can use several formal and informal cooperative activities for the better result of lesson and for all students to participate in learning activities actively.

I have determined, as a result of this workshop, to design all my future teaching strategies and philosophy based on the concepts and teaching/learning approaches I have learned in this workshop. I know that I definitely need to learn more about the OBE and SCL, therefore, I will be seeking for every single opportunity to enhance my professional skills and abilities.

At the end of the workshop, it reinforced my teaching abilities and my intention of changing the traditional methods at my department and university to the new method. This workshop helped me to exchange my personal views and ideas about my own teaching experience with the trainers and participants of this workshop. I have learned that the large class is not a challenge anymore, as a teacher I should not believe that large class is a problem where I can’t apply most of the student centered teaching approaches and teaching/learning strategies. Instead, I have to replace traditional teaching method with this new method even in large classes forever. When I have practically applied all the concepts and teaching learning approaches in my own setting, I have realized that OBE-SCL is actually a suitable and effective way of teaching and learning. Because of the implementation of OBE-SCL, I have observed a considerable positive difference the training and methods of learning outcomes. Students will have become more active and more responsible for their learning than ever before. As I mentioned above the workshop brought huge changes in my teaching methodology.


One thing I personally would like to improve upon is to completely apply different activities and all of the approach in my courses. The OBE-SCL is new here so for the implementation of the new method needs strong decision to spread the idea and its importance to students and lecturer for the best outcome and continually improve the implementation of the program.


At first stage of OBE-SCL implementation, the respective university should continually pursue its implementation and prepare suitable facilities for the lecturer to apply the program well. Champion must become member of quality assurance committee to observe the program and give positive advice when needs. It is possible to control the program by the faculty deans and department heads of the respective university, then lecturer will take responsible to apply and share gained knowledge with their colleagues. Rewards should be created for those who apply all the rules of the program in their faculty or department. At higher level, Ministry of Higher Education should have a committee to pursue the program continually at each university.


Ministry of higher education should provide facilities for the champion to support the program. For controlling the program, the champions should be introduced to teaching quality assurance committee at university level and ministry level to know about its improvement and find solution for the failure.


It is responsibility of champions to work honestly and spend energy on working for OBE-SCL to achieve good result of courses. If they want to have successful nation they are responsible to deliver with good way to see its result what they gained. OBE-SCL is a better approach to deliver knowledge to their students with its direct outcome. If the champion shares new experiences that s/he has gotten during the semester from the practice in his/her classroom, it will help with lecturers to apply it with better manner for success.


For the motivation of other lecturers to implement OBE-SCL in their course, it is important to introduce the concept with its advantages that have better achievements. It will change their minds about the approach when champion clear their misconception and give practical examples of classes. It will encourage and motivate them to apply the program in their classes.


I have discussed the idea with my department colleagues and clear their misconception about the program; when they saw my classroom assessments and different activities, soon after they accept.  In my opinion those who are interested in OBE-SCL techniques they need to gain knowledge about OBE-SCL. After that, they should implement in classroom to see the result of the lesson.


Finally, the OBE-SCL approach is possible to institutionalize in Afghanistan Higher Education. It has great achievements and ministry of higher education should introduce the champions at each university teaching quality assurance committee. Ministry of higher education should prepare facilities of the committee. Each faculty and department must implement OBE-SCL in courses practically

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