AIT has welcomed delegations from Afghanistan

On 12 February 2018, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has welcomed delegations from Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education. The delegation was led by Deputy Minister Balakarzai, and it included Mr. Noor Ahmad Darwish, Director, Higher Education Development Program (HEDP); Mr. Bahadur Hellali, Senior Education and Technology Manager; Mr. Yama Hashimi, Senior Universities Operations Manager; Mr. Zubair Seddiqi, Director Academic Programs; and Mr. Tariq Seddiqi, Director, Administration and Finance.

The visiting delegation held a technical discussion on various issues, including, sustainable development of Higher Education and creating an independent body of Quality Assurance. During the discussions, H.E. Mr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai added that capacity building of faculty members, since close to half of the faculty members in Afghanistan are Bachelor-degree holders is another priority area of the National Strategic Plan for Higher Education. For this, MoHE is working on creating short-term programs for our faculty members, and the development of 11 professional development centers throughout the country.

They also met with students from Afghanistan, and visited Water Engineering and Management in the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at the School of Engineering and Technology.